Partials By Dan Wells

book (Wells)


Dan Wells

Rate: 4

I enjoyed and disliked this novel at the same time. I enjoyed the plot and its twists; and the limited romance. But I felt that the overall novel was flat and Kira wasn’t a strong character, but a noble one.

First of all, the plot, like many dystopian plots, was interesting. The plot followed a natural progression and executed twists at appropriate times. There were very few times when I was upset with where the book was going and the questions it left unanswered. But of course, if it had answered all of my questions, then there’d be no reason for a sequel. *sigh*

Additionally, I liked that the relationship between Kira and her boyfriend wasn’t the center of the novel. Often times in a book female characters either fall for a guy or contemplate too much on how a guy’s feelings for her may change depending on her actions. However, Kira continues with her plans and goals despite her boyfriend’s protests. She proves that a woman does not always have to take a man’s feelings into account when making decisions; some things are more important than whether a man is sad or disappointed.

Despite these two aspects, I still felt that the book was generally flat. I want to blame the way I read the book, but that suggests there is a right and wrong way to read a book, which there isn’t. As previously mentioned, the story flowed well, but the descriptions lacked something that would have transformed the experience from simply reading to living the story with Kira. The overall experience left me wanting more.

Lastly, because of these lackluster descriptions, Kira didn’t come across as a strong character, but a noble one. Her purpose was inspiring, but she didn’t seem strong or weak just plain. Her actions and choices come across as strong, but I didn’t think of Kira as a strong character.

All in all, Partials is a good read and should definitely be on your to-read list.

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