Fragments By Dan Wells

Fragments (Partials Book 2)

Dan Wells

Rate: 5

This book completely surpassed my expectations. In a previous post, I had complained that the first novel of the series, Partials, had very bland descriptions and predictable plot, but Fragments is nothing like that. I was engaged from beginning to end, feeling as if I was a part of the action, and becoming angry with myself when I succumbed to sleep when all I wanted to do was keep reading. The third book has its work cut out for it if it wants to beat this one. The following are a few reasons why I consider this novel so awesome:

  • Structure: I’m used to books where the author focuses so intently on the protagonist that if he or she leaves the original location of the book, say on a quest to another land, that we never know what’s going on at home in the meantime. This isn’t a factor in first person narratives, but it is something that can be incorporated into third narratives. However, in Fragments, Dan Wells successfully follows Kira’s adventure while giving glances into what’s happening back in East Meadow and New York. None of the snippets contained any fluff. Instead, they all presented situations that added to the urgency of Kira curing RM and finding an answer to the expiration date. By having this structure, Wells presents a fully developed dystopian universe where the drama isn’t paused because the protagonist isn’t currently at that location.
  • Romance: I love that unlike most teenage protagonists Kira isn’t controlled by her teenage hormones. There are instances that suggest that she may have romantic feelings for Samm, but nothing she dwells on because she understands that it isn’t important at the moment. She realizes that saving humans and Partials is more important than whether or not she likes a guy. Additionally, I like that Wells finally gave a peak into Samm’s psyche. He’s normally a character that is stoic and unemotional, which is all a part of being a Partial, so it was a change to see how really feels about Kira. I can take or leave Kira and Samm getting together romantically, but I hope either way the romance does not become overbearing and that Kira does not turn into one of those I-can’t-live-without-him girls.
  • The end: I literally screamed “No!” when I finished this novel because I didn’t want it to end; it was getting too good. Now I have to wait who knows how long before I get the next book. The novel ends with Kira doing something totally unexpected and a twist occurring when Isolde has her baby. The end definitely leaves the reader wanting more and anxious for the next book.

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