Sweet Peril ~ Wendy Higgins

Sweet Peril

Wendy Higgins

Rate: 3

This is the second book I’ve read since Dan Well’s Fragments and I’m beginning to think that it is shading my view of these books. Everything isn’t as action-packed and well-written as that story was. Hopefully, I’m out of this funk soon, if it even is a funk. What’s more, this review will be different from my other reviews, because it will be more trivial, in the sense that I’m comparing the book more to other novels than critiquing it on its own. Normally, I don’t like to have this sort of discussion about a book unless I’m talking about an overarching metaphor or literary technique because I feel like I’m sort of devaluing the author’s book, but this story didn’t incite enough emotion from me to give it a standalone review. If I was to give it a standalone review, it would go:

“Eh.Take it or leave it. Hopefully the next one’s better.”

But I don’t want to give a review like that (or so short), so without further ado, my trivial review:

  • The cover: Why do the cover models look so stiff and dead in the eyes? I understand that they won’t perfectly line up with the central characters, but I would like them to look alive and possibly, if it isn’t too much, look as hot as the characters they’re suppose to represent. I’m not saying they aren’t beautiful, but they don’t cause the rapid feeling of lust or desire that Anna and Kaidan are supposed to provoke. Furthermore, they have no chemistry. Aren’t good models suppose to be able to fake? I’m not seeing anything between these two. I’d rather they be like the cover models of the Lux series, which is unfair since those two are actually engaged, but nonetheless I need to see some connection between the couple on the cover.
  • Anna: I am very indifferent when it come to Anna; I neither like her nor dislike her. However, there was a point in the novel that made me like her, then immediately hate her, and then I went back to being indifferent. I won’t say which scene caused this temporary shift in emotions, but I will say it had something to do with her feelings for Kaidan. Additionally, at the beginning of the novel, I thought Anna was obsessed with Kaiden until a sudden burst of irony made me realize that obsessed is the wrong word a better word would be addicted. I know Anna is the Nephilim of substance abuse and she’s only suppose to have an affinity for physical things, but when the idea came to me it seemed too perfect. And yet I still didn’t care. At least she wasn’t like Bella from Twilight and let her life pass her by because a boy wasn’t around. Anna didn’t move on, but she didn’t sit around and wallow either.

I thought I had a lot more to say, but I guess not. At least that’s better than eh. Here’s a question: If you had to personify one of the seven deadly sins (wrath, avarice, sloth, pride, lust, envy, gluttony), which one would you be and why? Or if that’s too hard, which would you definitely not want to be?


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