ACID By Emma Pass


Emma Pass

Rate: 2.5

The Cover: If the cover is suppose to be Jenna in an ACID uniform, then it’s completely misleading. Jenna doesn’t come across as bad-ass or kick-ass and the description associated with ACID uniforms don’t depict the officers or Jenna as attractive, so if you’re basing whether to read the story on the cover don’t be fooled. The story is good, but not as good as the cover tries to make it seem. Furthermore, the tagline is completely misleading: she doesn’t fight back because someone stole her life, she does it for a different reason,which I’ll explain below.

A Criminal Mind Fuck: Criminal because in this sort-of-dystopian world, the citizens are controlled by the police force, which is, surprise surprise, corrupt. Mind fuck because the story begins in one direction, but then changes. It is revealed, about half way through the story, that a large chunk of the beginning was false so then the story twists and moves in a different direction. The way the twist was executed was very interesting and I gobbled it up, but it was also very annoying that half way through the story Emma Pass decides to do a sort of refresh so she can take the story where she wants it to go. Some of the twist was predictable from the snippets we receive through Jenna’s dreams and memories, but nonetheless it’s still annoying.

Identity Crisis: Who is Jenna Strong? Or is she Mia Richardson? Jessica Stone? Most of this seems obvious when you read the book, but because of the previous point, these are reasonable questions. It isn’t until the end of the book that we learn who Jenna really is and learn more about her background. Admittedly, Jenna takes the news in stride, asks only the “important” questions, and doesn’t have a mental breakdown, unlike me or any normal person who was told that they aren’t who they think they are and their life didn’t happen they way they think it happened. Plus, kudos to Jenna for not curling into a ball and rocking back and forth insanely when she found out that not even her face is hers. Stupid book.

Romance: There was no need to include romance in the book, but of course Emma Pass did. Jenna meets Max, helps him, and then falls for him. She knows nothing about him, but all of sudden he is her reason for living and rebelling against ACID. There isn’t even any evidence to support that he has feelings for her, but Jenna will sacrifice an important mission for him. I would have accepted Jenna having a crush on Max, but to fall in love with him was unnatural and needless.

Overall, you’ll either come out feeling like “eh, that happened” or hating the book, but I can’t see someone loving it. I’m not saying that loving it is impossible just improbable.


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