Fun With Four: Part 1

So I’m slowly making my way through the Divergent short stories told in Four’s perspective. At first, I was just going to do one compilation post of all the stories, but then I became worried that people wouldn’t know when I updated the post so I decided to start the mini-series Fun With Four that way I can review each short story and know that people will be aware that I’ve added more. I intend to go in order (The Transfer; The Initiate; The Son; The Traitor; Free Four), but if that doesn’t happen, then I address it in that particular post. Without further ado, I give you the first installation of Fun With Four:

Four: The Transfer

Veronica Roth

Rate: 3

In this short story, I saw a few similarities between Four and Tris’s transfer to Dauntless. I know each person’s Choosing Ceremony is identical, but how Four and Tris decide to go to Dauntless seemed very parallel. The major difference between the two was that Tris chose to leave because she was “too selfish” for Abnegation and Four “just had to get out.”Nonetheless, I think that their similar approaches to transferring is another reason why they were able to connect so well and establish a healthy relationship.

Four’s approach to transferring and the Choosing Ceremony gave me insight on how Four thinks and rationalizes. Four doesn’t pick Dauntless on a whim. Instead, he is very analytic and thinks through why each other faction wouldn’t work for him. Sure, his central focus is leaving Abnegation,but he’s not willing to enter another faction and make things worst for himself.

Throughout the Divergent series, we’re told Four has a strained relationship with his father and Veronica Roth does an excellent job of including a scene that demonstrates just how bad things were for Four. Plus, the scene adds a feeling of urgency as to why Four has to get out and away from Marcus. Additionally, around this time we get more information, like the significance, of the blue object that pops up in Insurgent.

Finally, the short story ends with Four receiving his new name, which we already knew came from Amar and his fear landscape. Nothing new is revealed, but it seems like a good place to end the story.


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