Ruins By Dan Wells

Ruins (A Partials Novel, Book 3)

Dan Wells

Rate: 3

The final installment of the Partials trilogy has left me… unsatisfied. Why, Dan Wells, why would you create something as good as Fragments, but follow it up with something as poor as Ruins? The story wasn’t horrible, I was just expecting more from it.

Oh well. On to the review!

The first (I wrote 15% in my notes, but it was probably more than that): What the fluff is going on? The story is all over the place. Scenes are cutting in and out faster than a badly edited YouTube video. Characters I’ve never heard of before are being discussed like I should know who they are. It’s all very confusing, but I persevered.

(Slight Spoiler Alert) Kira before and after encountering her father: Before running into her father, Kira was a strong female character. Even after everything with Dr. Morgan Kira remained determined and purposeful. However, that strong behavior begins to deteriorate once Kira sees her father. It’s as if seeing him causes all the doubts she’d been pushing away to surface, making her depressed and weak. It wasn’t a side of Kira I enjoyed seeing and I briefly wondered if that would be the end of the strong female character that had stood tall  in the last two books.

Minor unnecessary love triangle: In this book, Kira is reunited Marcus and Samm, which was to be expected. However, I didn’t expect Wells to use the occasion to develop an unnecessary love triangle. I thought the last two books clearly explained Kira’s feelings yet Wells took the time to force a love triangle because all of a sudden Kira was conflicted about her feelings and went out of her way to avoid awkward conversations with the two guys. I just think it was a waste of words that either could’ve been left out or used to describe something else. Nonetheless, Kira doesn’t have to decide which guy she’s going to choose because the decision is made for her.

In love vs. love: At first, I thought I’d explain the difference between the two, but then I realized that it’s really difficult and complex so either you’ll know the difference or it won’t matter. In the story, Kira claims to be “in love” with both guys, but I don’t believe her. Can she love both of them? Yes. Can she love one and be in love with the other? Yes. Can she be in love with both? No. Besides the fact that Kira’s actions and feelings don’t match up with my love versus in love guidelines, which are obviously too confusing for me to explain, the series itself doesn’t have enough romance in it to validate one option over the other. As far as the book’s concerned, Kira likes both guys and may even like one more than the other, but there’s no substantial evidence for love.

The ending: As the ending of a trilogy, I’m expecting some concrete answers and a definitive ending, but nope, we’re left with an open ending that’s good for fanfiction writers. Action is finally taken on whether or not a human-partial alliance will occur, but there is no epilogue showcasing how this turns out so to the optimist everything works out in the end, but to the pessimist everything goes to hell like it’s supposed to.

Overall, Partials is a series worth reading even with it’s minor flaws.

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