Shiver ~ Maggie Stiefvater


Maggie Stiefvater

Rate: 2

Shiver was a complete let down. I kept waiting for it to get interesting, for there to be some action, but it never happened. Shiver is simply a teen romance with a bit of paranormal with no eventful scenes.

The problem and resolution: The problem of the story is that Sam is a werewolf who is about to face his final change from human to wolf before being permanently stuck as a wolf forever. At last, he decides to introduce himself to Grace, the girl he’s fallen in love with from afar. Together they decide they will either spend as much time together before Sam becomes a permanent wolf or they will find a cure. The problem here is that throughout the book they pretty much do neither. Sam and Grace spend all their time at home so Sam won’t change instead of going out and creating memories. Sure they can’t make snowmen, but they could at least go to the movies or a restaurant. Secondly, they don’t actively seek out a cure until it’s too late. This means that the whole novel is a guy and a girl sitting at home thinking about how they’ll soon be separated forever and doing nothing about it, AKA a boring book.

Grace: Grace is such a flat figure. She admits to not being able to read people and being stoic, but that’s something she could’ve worked on. It’s probably something that would’ve made her more relatable. I don’t dislike Grace, but she didn’t give me a reason to like her either.

Sam: Sam would’ve been a better character if he had taken the time to figure out who he was. He spent so much time trying to be just human Sam that he didn’t realize that who he truly is is a combination of human and wolf. Additionally, I actually liked how Sam was a little emotional/ sensitive because it balanced Grace’s attitude.

The goal of the story: In an interview, Maggie Stiefvater revealed  that she wrote Shiver because she “like[s] to make people cry… [She] wanted to write a book that would make someone sneak a peek of it in their cubicle, and then mascara would run down their face, and they could shake their fist at the sky and curse [her] to the heavens.” Sorry to say, but Stiefvater failed her mission; I didn’t cry. I didn’t feel anything. I waited to feel something and it never came and so this book is a disappointment. There are other books in this series and hopefully they get better over time, but I will not be reading them.


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