Fun With Four: Part 2

Four: The Initiate

Veronica Roth

Rate: 3

The Initiate didn’t excite me as much as Free Four did, but nonetheless it was good. In this book, of course I learned more about Four, but some information, which honestly I don’t care about, was given about secondary characters like Eric, Zeke, etc.

Without further ado, here’s what I learned about Four: (contains some spoilers)

  • Four’s old habits include pushing through pain, chewing his thumbnail, and holding his fork in his left hand instead of the right. Strangely enough, learning this made me want to re-watch Divergent to see if any of these mannerism made it into the movie. They make Four seem so normal and average.
  • He gets his first tattoo as a dare while drunk. He gets a tattoo of flames on his rib cage.
  • This book contains the infamous fight between Four and Eric. Surprisingly, Four’s win is more emotionally driven than it is strategic.
  • Four learned about computers from school because he used to volunteer in the computer lab. Aww he’s a nerd too.
  • Four thought he saw his mother alive long before they met in Insurgent. Makes you wonder how long she’s been keeping tabs on him.

Since this book was lacking in Four-y goodness:


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