Fun With Four: Part 3

The Son 

Veronica Roth

Rate: 3.5

The Son was just as good as the other Divergent short stories before it. Of course, I learned more about beloved Four, which included a moment when Four behaved in a way that reminded me of myself. 

Things I learned about Four: (contains some spoilers)

  • Even after completing Dauntless initiation, Four continued to cut his hair the Abnegation way.
  • He’s very aware of faction traits and behavior so he uses them as a way to describe things. “It’s an Abnegation morning. A quick shower, a plain breakfast, a clean house. Except I’m wearing Dauntless black, boots and pants and shirt and jacket.”
  • He went on a double “date” with a girl named Nicole. He didn’t last ten minutes. This just proves Tris brought out the best (the sensitive part) in him.
  • Four hates Hump Day not because it’s Wednesday and in the middle of the week, but because in Abnegation, Wednesdays were council meeting days and Marcus would return home in a bad mood. Screw you, Marcus, for making a what’s already a bad/dull day worse.
  • Four met his mother long before Tris entered the picture. This made me question whether I had read Insurgent correctly because I thought Four was unaware that his mother was still alive.Though it would explain how the Factionless acted when he told them his name.
  • Four tattooed all the faction symbols on his spine after meeting with his mother. She was the one who made him aware that he didn’t have to be just one thing.
  • He knew he was going to join Evelyn someday. I’m glad this series was released after the Divergent series because otherwise Insurgent would have been boring and more predictable than it was.

Four reminded me of myself because when he learned programming, he got so caught up in it that the world faded away, which reminds me of how I tune everything out when I get into a good book. “I forget about all the people around me, even about the skyline beyond us, about what finishing this exam will mean. I just focus on what’s in front of me, on the tangle of words on my screen.”

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