The Boyfriend App

The Boyfriend App

Katie Sise

Rate: 2.75

Romance: In a book about how to obtain a significant other using an app, of course there’s going to be romance. But what struck me as odd was how long it took the students at Harrison High, including Audrey, to realize that not every match was a pair of soul mates. The app didn’t turn a person you detested into a hot commodity; it just showed you that the two two people have things in common. Plus, some of the “successful” relationships were simply faux couples too swept up in the trendiness of things to realize they didn’t actually like each other. This story slowly reveals an idea that most of us have already realized: an app cannot find you love. You still have to, ugh pardon the cliche, weed through the frogs to find your prince/princess/jester.

Audrey and Aidan romance: How convenient is it that Audrey downloads her own app, but doesn’t get matched to anyone? How obvious is it that Aidan doesn’t like the girl he’s match with and instead like Audrey? How predictable is it that these two end up together? Audrey really irritated me when she’d interact with Aidan. She kept- excuse this term- friendzoning herself, but then lamented that Aidan didn’t like like her. This couple was predictable, but took forever to get to the point of being together.

Audrey: I didn’t like Audrey. She had the potential to become a strong female character, but she didn’t achieve that status. She spent too much time pointlessly reminiscing about her past with Blake. (She’s allowed to think about her dad. I’m not heartless.) But being stuck on what was and what could have been wasn’t helping her. Secondly, I didn’t like Audrey because her desires kept changing, especially to things that weren’t admirable. Her desires kept rotating between winning the scholarship, going to college, becoming popular, and obtaining power. Some of those things are noble or just reasons for her actions.

Overall, this novel disappointed me. The synopsis had me expecting more than I received. If anything, part one was more along the lines of what I wanted than part two, but the two of them together created an unsatisfying book. 


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