The End of Vampire Kisses: Immortal Hearts

Immortal Hearts (Vampire Kisses #9)

Ellen Schreiber

Rate: 1.5

I started the Vampire Kisses series some time ago, probably back in middle school. I had only recently realized that I never read the last book of the series and decided to do so. The problem with finishing a series I had started so long ago, besides forgetting what the story was about, which wasn’t the case, is that since then I have read some fantastic novels that have changed what I consider to be good stories, and Vampire Kisses isn’t one of them. Like with twilight, once the rose-colored glasses were removed, I came to realize that Vampire Kisses, especially Immortal Hearts, wasn’t as amazing as I first thought it was.

Description and characterization: All the characters in this book are flat. Schreiber does a terrible job of describing them- if there is a description at all- which makes it difficult to imagine how they look. There’s too much emphasis on what they’re wearing and not enough on their facial features or mannerisms. This makes the characters as lifeless as a sheet of paper. Furthermore, why are almost all the vampires goth? I’m not looking for any Twilight-esque vampires, but there should be some variation in style and personality. They all seem the same: flat and lifeless.

Secondly, the setting is poorly described.They’re at the club, at the mansion, in the school, but how do these places look? I’m all for using my imagination, but I need some help if I’m to view the story the way Schreiber intended.

Raven: Raven is seventeen years old, but her actions and attitude cause her to come across as a child or middle schooler. She is naive and impulsive and cares mainly about herself. She can’t properly empathize with people because she can only idealize what her life would be like if she were in their shoes. Raven complains about how dull her life is, but that’s only because she doesn’t appreciate what she has and doesn’t realize all she’ll lose in becoming a vampire. Schreiber would have done a better job making Raven middle-school-aged with how much she missed the mark making her teen-aged.

Overall, Immortal Hearts was a terrible book. The ending was predictable, there was too much tell and so little show, and Raven was a failure as the protagonist. I’m glad I finished the series, but I’m sorry that I waited until now to do so.


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