Vitro By Jessica Khoury


Jessica Khoury

Rate: 2.5

Before I get to the review, I want to acknowledge the fact that Vitro is the companion novel to Origin, which comes before it, and Kalahari, which comes after it. I haven’t read Origin and I don’t plan to read Kalahari. This is because all three stories sound the same except for their character names and setting. If I wouldn’t read Vitro again, then there’s no point in reading the other two books.

  • Sophie: Sophie seems like a Bella character to me: she gets into more trouble than she can get herself out of. While she does redeem herself in the end, throughout the story, I found myself more annoyed by her actions and rationalizations than supportive of her behavior. Sophie is the main reason I didn’t like this story.

  • Jim: I normally don’t believe in the whole “nice guys finish last” cliche because it’s used to describe guys who didn’t get the girl, but in this case, Jim really did get the bad end of a terrible situation. Out of all the characters who get hurt in the book, Jim faces the worst of it. Sure, he isn’t dead, but he receives the most physical beatings and still get up to save the girl. Never did I see someone try to help Jim, but constantly he is trying to save someone else and is putting his life on the line in the meantime. Jim didn’t deserve any of it yet he powered through without so much as a thank you. Jim is the chivalrous, heroic gentleman that society needs. Yes, woman can protect themselves, but for those moments they fall short, the Jims of the world would be there to save them without expecting a sexual favor in return.

  • Romance: There’s no forced romance in this story. Both Jim and Sophie acknowledge that they may have feelings for the other, but they don’t act on it. They don’t make out the first chance they get because they realize it would be inappropriate in their current situation. 


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