Fun With Four: Part 4

The Traitor

Veronica Roth

Rate: 4 😉

I’m a little disappointed with this short story. It’s about 80 pages long, but I don’t feel like I learned much about Four. Nonetheless, I gave the story a four (4) because I enjoyed how awkward Four was around Tris.

Here’s some things I learned about Four: (contains some spoilers)

  • Spent Visiting Day in the control room. Makes sense when he didn’t have anyone visiting him.
  • Four can’t help, but act like a boy around Tris. He keeps touching her when he isn’t supposed to, his mind is muddled, and sometimes he word vomits. It’s so cute!
  • During initiation, Four learns there will be an attack on Abnegation. He just doesn’t know when.
  • Initiated a meeting with his mother.
  • Zeke, Shauna and Four threaten Peter. I wish this scene was in the movie.
  • Tries to warn Marcus about the impending attack, but Marcus is too stubborn to listen.

Since there’s a lack of Four-y goodness,


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