Between ~ Jessica Warman


Jessica Warman

Rate: 4

Between is about a girl who suddenly dies (or is killed duh duh duh) and is stuck in limbo until she figures out what happened to her and comes to term with her death. Warman does a fantastic job of making the story a calm coming-of-age instead of a fast-paced mystery. Elizabeth, the protagonist, is forced to learn more about herself, using memories from her past, before she can learn what happened and move on. This requirement makes Elizabeth likable and I was able to empathize with everything she was going through. Elizabeth went from being a spoiled rich girl to an average albeit broken teenager.

When I’m first introduced to the antagonist, Alex, and how he died, I pretty much knew how his story would end. Regardless of this prediction, the story didn’t feel any less natural or more predictable when the big revealed occurred. It felt right that the characters, especially Elizabeth, needed to grow before they could handle such information. The pace Warman sets for the story completely complimented the mood and circumstance of the book. Anything else would have made the book a failure.

All in all, Between is a great story and should be on everyone’s TBR list.


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