Fun With Four: Part 6

“First Jumper, Tris”

Veronica Roth

Rate: 4

Just when you thought that Fun With Four was over, it’s not. 🙂 The wonder Ms. Veronica Roth has gifted us with three extra scenes in Four’s POV at the end of Four: A Divergent Collection. The first scene, if you haven’t already guessed by the video, is about Tris being the first jumper. The only problem with such a short scene is that we don’t learn much about Four.

Nonetheless, here are some things that stood out to me in this scene: (contains some spoilers)

  1. While waiting for the first person to jump, Four reminisces about his jump. Way to stay in the moment, Four.
  2. Four and Lauren helped the initiates off the net. I know this may seem insignificant, but I like knowing that Four wasn’t being overworked or singled out for being the first Abnegation transfer in years.
  3. Tris jumped first followed by Christina. The transfers already seem more Dauntless then the Dauntless born.
  4. The Dauntless faction weren’t expecting an Abnegation transfer nor for that transfer to jump first. Tris was a force to be reckoned with before she even knew it.
  5. From the first moment Four looks at Tris, he sees something in her that’s reminiscent of himself. Aw they were soulmates. Too bad Allegiant had to happen. -_-

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