Fun With Four: Part 7

“Careful, Tris”

Veronica Roth

Rate: 3

As predicted with a small scene, I learned so little. Admittedly, I’m writing this review long after reading this scene and I didn’t take good notes this time so I’m not completely sure how I felt about this scene when I first read it. I’m just going to assume that it wasn’t too eventful since I don’t remember it. Sorry if I’m letting you down Four, but school comes first. Anyway, on with the show!

Here’s what I learned in this scene: (contains some spoilers)

  • Four acts mean and detached in order to gain respect and loyalty from the initiates
  • No one expected Tris to make it past the first round of cuts. Nothing too shocking here.
  • Four views Tris in a way that isn’t romantic, but is interested and respectful

This has nothing to do with this scene, but who cares?!?


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