Breaking YA News

For those of you who couldn’t get enough of the Twilight series, firstly, how many of you are there left? (I’m not counting people stuck on Twilight fanfic because even I, on occasion, want to read a reworked version of the the story.) Secondly, you won’t have to pine over the old books and movies for much longer. If you don’t mind new actors, new plot, pretty much new everything, then this is great news for you. According to a New York Times article, Stephanie Meyer along with some prominent movie directors will host a panel to select five aspiring female directors to create a movie each based on the Twilight world.

My first problem with this announcement is the fact that they won’t let this series rest. It’s been dragged on for too long (from the books to the movies to the tease of it being released in Edward’s POV) to start up all over again. Secondly, these new movies, which won’t be in theaters but on social media, are basically fan-fictions of who knows what with the only connection to the story being character names and the setting. Let’s call this what it really is a series of new movies calling on the popularity of an old series in order to get attention and fan-base. Nonetheless, if these movies go into production and are released, they will receive some attention from the fans who never let go, people in support of YA adaptations, and people, like me, who are just plain curious about how all of this will work out. I really wish they’d stop this idea right now, but I’ll see how this plays. Maybe they’ll even make a movie that’s super likable.


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