Rebel – Amy Tintera

Rebel (Reboot, 2)

Amy Tintera

Rate: 3

So it feels like it’s been a long time since I read Reboot when really it was released about a year ago. But that’s probably just because of all the books I’ve read since then. Anyway, Rebel isn’t too difficult to get back into partly because I quickly remember the premise of the book and what happened and partly because Tintera reminds the reader of what’s happened up to the start of this book. Overall, the story was decent, but not as engaging as the first book. Rebel is one of those books that, as a sequel, doesn’t live up to the standards set by its antecedent.

Of course, no story is 100% likeable. There’s always some (little) thing that may (mildly) annoy you. We all have different personalities that affect how we receive a book. So while there were a number of little things that bothered me about this story (which I won’t discuss here), there was only one major problem that caused me to rate this book so low: Wren.

I enjoyed Wren in the first book. We were told in the first book that because of how long she was dead before she rebooted, Wren is faster, stronger, and less emotional than everyone else. So it made since in the first book that she was more fight than flight and more analytic and reserved than others. What I don’t like is how in Rebel she becomes more human and emotional than she should be. I understand that relationships change people, but that doesn’t mean that they have a new personality. physically, Wren was everything she was supposed to be, but emotionally she was a whole new person. She became gentler, more morally inclined, and just overall softer. I’m not saying Wren needs to be a robot. I’m just saying she should act and feel like the reboot I was told she was in the first book.

Maybe Wren’s personality and slight change in attitude isn’t a problem for other people. Maybe they think it’s a natural progression. But I didn’t like it. I want her to be more fighting machine than supportive girlfriend. I want a reboot that acts her death duration.


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