Breaking YA News!

So I always wondered after watching The Mortal Instruments movie what would happen to the franchise. Of course it’s part of a series so the other books could be adapted into movies, but The Mortal Instruments also ended in a way where directors and producers didn’t have to continue the story. Admittedly, I thought the movie was good and that they should continue making the rest movies. (I’ll interject here by also admitting that I saw the movie before I began reading the series so at the time I didn’t realize how much had been left out and changed for the big screen.)

Well now there’s speculation that Constantin Film, the production company that owns the rights to Cassandra Clare’s book series, will be adapting The Mortal Instruments series into a TV show. The hope is to gain a profit the company didn’t get from the movie and to be able to follow the books more closely in a TV show than producers would be able to in a movie. If things go according to plan and if this isn’t purely rumor, production would start next year and it could end up on TV whenever. Obviously, things are still being thought out.

However, I’m not holding my breath. Constantin Film can always decide to trash the idea or the pilot for the show could wind up as horrendous as the Delirium pilot and the show doesn’t go any further anyway. As much as I’d like to see more YA adaptations, as an avid YA reader, I want them done right or not at all. Please don’t ruin great books by turning them into terrible movies or TV shows. If you can’t do the story justice, leave it alone.


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