Evil Librarian – Michelle Knudsen

Evil Librarian

Michelle Knudsen

Rate: 4

I enjoyed Evil Librarian more than I initially thought I would have. The hardest part of reading the story was getting through the first two chapters. At first, Cynthia’s voice comes across as very young like she’s in middle school, and I was in no mood to read a middle grade story,but I persevered. Cynthia’s voice doesn’t necessarily get any better, but I got used to it so it didn’t matter as much.

What I liked most about this book is that we don’t just see Cynthia’s actions, she also provides a commentary on her behavior in which she acknowledges the things that may irritate the reader. In this way, Cynthia becomes more than a character that simply acts and instead becomes a complex character that acts, reflects, and acknowledges her faults.

An example of this is when she thinks about whether it’s worth putting someone else’s well-being ahead of her own. This scene reminded me of a blog post I read (which I can’t find now 😦 ) in which the author questions why female protagonists always have to sacrifice themselves in order to be seen as strong and heroic. Cynthia also contemplates this idea, but ultimately follows the norm of putting others before herself.

Anyone who is easily annoyed by an overly girly voice will easily find fault in this book, but what caused me to like it overall was the narration. I liked how Cynthia would interrupt the story just to say something the reader was probably thinking.

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