Who R U Really? – Margo Kelly

Who R U Really?

Margo Kelly

Rate: 5

This story is fantastic!!! Want proof? I finished it in a matter of hours. I just couldn’t put this book. Every time my conscience told me it would be a great time to get a head start on an assignment, I responded “No!” until I had finished the book, realized it was almost 2 in the morning and went to bed. Anyone who can put this book down after starting has a strong willpower that I don’t possess.

This story is serious, realistic, and interesting. Every time someone plays a game and enters a chat room or starts online dating, they are putting themselves in the same position as Thea. How much information should I reveal? When should I lie? Is this person genuine or will he/she try to hurt me? Am I falling for this person or the image of him/her I have created in my mind?

In Who R U Really?, Thea starts playing a multiplayer game and befriends a guy by the username of Kit. Like a typical rebellious teenager, Thea disregards the advice given to her by her friends and parents. Instead Thea “falls” for Kit, begins “dating” him, and reveals things about herself that should’ve remained anonymous. Thea finds herself in one of those situations where who she thinks Kit is isn’t who Kit is.

What I enjoyed about this story is how it forces the reader to realize that you can’t truly know a person you know online; that no matter how careful you think you’re being if someone is a predator, they will find out things about you. It’s the burst of reality a lot of people who go online need. You just never know when someone from online will start to physically stalk you and danger your well-being.

I know it wasn’t the intention of the author, but for majority of the story I viewed the book as a mystery. I tried my hardest to use Thea’s interactions with guys to figure out who Kit was and still I was wrong. The revelation of who Kit is at the end is a twist I never saw coming. I was so shocked.

Who R U Really? is a story worth reading whether it’s to see how easy it is for someone to go from cyber-friend to cyber-stalker or to simply see how the story unfolds. It’s definitely awoken me to my own online habits.


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