Karma Kitty Goes to Comic Con – Mari Mancusi

Karma Kitty Goes to Comic Con

Mari Mancusi

Rate: 2

Ok, so what’s this story about? Uh, I don’t remember (sort of). Karma Kitty Goes to Comic Con  is a novella so it’s supposed to be short and a quick-read, but it’s also unremarkable. There isn’t much that happens in the story that’ll leave you wanting more or even recommend it to someone. In all honesty, the only reason I read the novella is because (a) it was free on Amazon and (b) Mari Mancusi also wrote the Blood Coven Vampire series, a series I loved back when I was reading it. So I thought I was getting a steal when I bought the book for free by an author I had enjoyed. It was obviously too good to be true.

The Two Things I Enjoyed About This Story

  1. Magical Boots: I wouldn’t want boots based off of a comic book of a cat and have to fight crime, but I’d love a pair of boots that helped me to fly, or helped me walk faster when I running late for the train, or even just heat up when the temperature drops to unspeakable temperatures. Yeah this may seem pretty unimaginative, but I’ve got enough going on in school that I don’t want to a superhero too. Kudos to Hailey for beating up ninjas with her kitty powers, you have time, energy, and patience that I do not.
  2. The last page or two: In the beginning of the story, and pretty much throughout the story, Hailey goes on about how she’d love to get back with her ex-fiance, if only he’d believe her ridiculous stories. Well in an ironic twist at the end of the story, it turns out that the story that caused the couple to break up wasn’t fake and the two get back together. I know this doesn’t sound ironic right now, but just image a significant other telling you how they couldn’t attend an event because he/she was abducted by aliens, breaking up with the person, and finding out much later that the significant other was actually kidnapped by people dressed as aliens for a reality TV show and you didn’t believe him/her. Yeah, that’s what makes the story funny and not a complete failure.

Overall, Karma Kitty Goes to Comic Con was a short, quick read that didn’t feel particularly quick, but it offered some humor so it wasn’t a complete bust. On another note, if you could have a magical pair of boots or shoes, what would you want them to do? Would you want to become a superhero?


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