The Homecoming Masquerade – Spencer Baum

The Homecoming Masquerade (Girls Wearing Black #1)

Spencer Baum

Rate: 3

If you read this story and are waiting for the action to start, don’t hold your breath. This story is part of a series and Baum definitely prolongs this story so it can last and create more books. The premise of the story is once a yer, Thorndike academy hosts a homecoming masquerade and the few girls who wear black are entering into a contest so that they can win immortality by becoming a vampire. To me, it seemed like this story could be written in maybe one or two books, but no there’s more than that. More specifically, all 240 pages (I think) are dedicated only to the girls arriving to the party and dancing with guys in order to persuade them into coming to their respective after-parties and pledging money to their campaign. If this sounds boring, it’s because it is. I would have liked to read more than people dancing and talking. Baum could’ve at least brought some more aspects of the contest into the story, but no. He spends the whole time describing the masquerade and discussing the background of the protagonist Nicky.

I gave this book a three because it didn’t do anything to make me like it or dislike. Overall, I finished with a feeling of being unaffected. I will be reading at least the second book simply because I want to see how the story plays out, but I don’t know how committed I’ll be to the series. Additionally, the main reason I picked up this book is because it was free on Amazon and who doesn’t appreciate free books? I don’t know how long it’ll be free, but it can’t hurt to check.


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