The Paris Mysteries – James Patterson

The Paris Mysteries (Confessions #3)

James Patterson

Rate: 2 (just barely)

For majority of the book, this story was a bust. It wasn’t until the end that it was able to slightly redeem itself and earn a 2 star rating instead of a 1 or 1.5. This book is nothing like the last two. The first one was good, the second one had too much going on, and this one couldn’t figure out what it wanted to do. It’s sad when a series gets worst over time instead of better.

The following are the notes I took while reading the book so you can see my blow-by-blow reaction to the story:

First Chapter: The first chapter in this book recounts the last chapter in the second book. It’s useful for those who haven’t read the second book in a while and need a refresher. However, it’s irritating to me since I’m reading the third book right after finishing the second one. The same events are happening, but now there’s a difference in the focus of the narrative which changes the tone of the story.

Part one: Part one of the book is a bust. It’s full of meaningless romance and nothing like the other two books. Is this how authors really see teenagers? Are we simply horny monsters who go from kissing to groping to having sex in a blink of an eye? Why can’t storybook teenagers be content with holding hands or basking in the feeling of love (whether or not it actually is love)?

Part two: The Angels are rich. Yay! -_- Tandy is completely “woe is me” since she and James are separated again and the whole story is empty. By now there should be some murder or mystery, but there isn’t. Tandy is simply discussing her daily life and breaking rules even though her wealth is dependent upon her behaving. The only reason I’m still reading is because a number of reviews have said there’s a big shocker at the end and I want to know what it is without simply jumping to the end and reading it.

Part three: A lot of thing happen in this part – why are people constantly dying around the Angels – but the main thing that stands out to me is that this story now has potential to be like the other two books. Tandy can find out what really happened to Katherine and that can be the mystery of the book. Or she can stop moping and look for James. Either way solving some mystery would at least make this story worth reading. Also, I’ve already mentioned that Tandy’s voice is different, but now Harry’s personality is a 180 from who he used to be. Are the same people writing this story or am I just being picky?

Part four: I have nothing to say about this part not because it was good, but because my expectations were so low nothing really registered to me.

Part five: So a big surprise/revelation occurs in this part, but I didn’t find it too shocking because I predicted it would happen. Again answers are dropped into Tandy’s lap instead of there being clear evidence of her investigating and solving a mystery. I guess since the name of the series is Confessions and not Mysteries (or something along those lines) I should stop expecting this book to be like the first one.

Part six/end: The end tries to be ride-off-into-the-sunset-esque but in a twisted sort of way. A lot of juicy stuff happens so like other reviews have hinted the end is worth reading. However, while the end is supposed yo be taken seriously, I found it humorous because of all the irony. The story also doesn’t seem finished so there may be another book. *sigh* To say anything else would be to give the story away so if you’re a patient reader and don’t mind wasting time on a quick read, finish reading the book because the end is kind of worth it.


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