Ethereal – Addison Moore

Ethereal (Celestra #1)

Addison Moore

Rate: 3

Ethereal is another version of Twilight with a hint of The Mortal Instruments. The story takes place in middle of nowhere (Paragon) Washington and not long after her arrival, Skyla is introduced to two guys, who aren’t completely human. This is where the connection to The Mortal Instruments comes in. However, in Bella fashion, Skyla isn’t creeped out by their abilities. Instead, she’s happy because unlike Bella, she shares this connection with them. After finding out this secret, Skyla just has to know everything about her connection, her abilities, and how to control her powers, even if that means screwing things up in the process. Skyla is actually quite annoying. She’s impulsive and sometimes that lands her in positions that she can’t get herself out of and then she has to be rescued. Not only does this damsel in distress behavior prove she isn’t a strong female character, but also it must get tiring for the guys, Logan and Gage, to continuously rescue her. They have lives too.

This damsel in distress behavior also leads to the formation of a love triangle. (Why did there need to be a love triangle!?) So now Logan and Gage like Skyla, but she only likes Logan even though she uses Gage to make Logan jealous. (She’s not worth the drama!) Furthermore, <spoiler alert> Gage predicts he and Skyla will get married, but she doesn’t want that yet every time Gage is brought up in conversation, she flaunts that they’ll get married in the future <spoiler alert>. Talk about a tease. Nonetheless, Moore ends the story in a way that suggests that the love triangle will be “necessary” in later books, but for now it’s meaningless and Skyla isn’t worth the trouble.

Overall, the story is a quick read and aside from a few grammatical problems, it’s no a major pain in the butt. Click here to get an e-book copy of the story from Amazon.


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