Tremble – Addison Moore

Tremble (Celestra #2)

Addison Moore

Rate: 2.5

Reading this book is like watching a train wreck happen: you know you should look away, but you also want to know what happens so you keep watching. Usually in a book I can detect the problem and follow the events until the solution is revealed, but with this book there is so much going on that it’s hard to figure out the point of it all. So instead of trying to analyze or make sense of the story, I just read the events and amused myself with everything that was going on. And boy was it like an over-dramatic telenovella. I just couldn’t predict what was gonna happen next. Sort of like this telenovella parody:

So once I stopped trying to take the story seriously (man, that sounds bad), I immediately became annoyed with Skyla. In my post about the first book, I complained about Skyla’s damsel in distress behavior, but now her actions are just ridiculous.  <spoiler alert> I mean who in their right mind loses two people in the past while time traveling? <spoiler alert> My range of exasperation with Skyla varied from eyeroll to outright yelling “Really!?” or “ARE YOU SERIOUS!?” Skyla’s character is further proof that, thus far, this series is good for humor and it’s great at keeping you interested once you start reading, but it’s not the type of series you admantly recommend to friends because it’s a good book. Nonetheless, Moore weaves a story that leaves you reaching for the next book as soon as your done the current one.

Lastly, the story’s love triangle has evolved and it’s super annoying. LOVE QUADRANGLES SHOULDN’T EXIST!!! I get that Skyla didn’t ask for all these guys to like or fall for her, but to get involved with all of them in some way is a bit loose. People who read the book may justify Skyla’s behavior, but I’m not a fan of love polygons so I’m going to detest such actions.

Anyway, on to the third book because even though the story annoys me majority of the time, the way the tale unravels is interesting enough to keep me hooked and wanting more. I think I’m becoming a Celestra addict. :/


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