Burn – Addison Moore

Burn (Celestra #3)

Addison Moore

Rate: 3.5

OMG THAT ENDING!!! Like the two books before this one, this book begins interesting yet all over the place. Skyla is trying to figure out what to do about the count, trying to bring Chloe back, and trying to choose between Logan and Gage, all while trying to keep herself alive, which proves to be difficult. Skyla reminded me of Bella from Twilight with the number of times she had to be patched up and brought back from the brink of death. Nonetheless, the book redeemed itself with the ending. Obviously, the book didn’t write itself so all the praise goes to Moore. During the last few chapters of the book, Skyla realizes that she can’t change the future and she can’t rewrite the past. That idea is emphasized when a plan that’s been in the works for almost two years comes to fruition: Skyla thought she was in control, but really she’s been a puppet the whole time.

Gosh, I need the next book in this series! But sadly, I have to wait until after I buy my textbooks for this semester to see how much money I have left over. Thank you, Addison Moore. Thank you for writing a cliffhanger ending so good that I can’t even deal right now. I need that book!


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