Fairy Tale Retelling: Rapunzel #1 of 1


Alex Flinn

Rate: 2.5

The beginning: I have to admit the beginning hooked me. The first few chapters in Wyatt’s POV had me excited because it seemed like Flinn was going to do a Wuthering Heights retelling along with a Rapunzel retelling making it my first ever crossover story. But that didn’t happen. I also enjoyed the entries from Danielle’s diary. I’d thought that the story would take the mystery route and once Wyatt and Rachel came together they’d solve the mystery of what happened to Danielle. They did figure out what happened, but not in the way I was hoping. I wanted a Sherlock Holmes/ Nancy Drew situation, but was given an “oh, that’s what happened” solution. The revelation was pretty lackluster and you could easily overlook it unless you were looking for like I was.

The lull/ middle: Once Wyatt and Rachel meet, it was hard for me to finish reading the story. It was like forcing myself to eat food that tasted disgusting to please someone else (I think that’s a comparison everyone can relate to). The romance during this time was very thick. Wyatt even seems to take on a different tone of voice after meeting Rachel. Once the two meet, their sole focus becomes their love for each other and how they can be together. This is great for hardcore romantics, but I’m not one of them. I prefer my romance true, but light and preferably not at first sight.

I also didn’t like how Flinn decided to reveal Wyatt’s troubled past. The audience is told from the beginning that Wyatt is being sent to… I don’t remember where, but he’s sent away because of something that’s happened to him at home (and other crazy stuff that’s revealed much, much later). When Flinn gets around to explaining why he’s there, the story, in the context it’s told in, seems forced and rushed. It’s as if Flinn forgot she had to include this story that’s essential to Wyatt’s personality and decided to throw it in anywhere to get it over with. I would have enjoyed a better lead in before the explanation occurs.

The end: The story has a decent closing. A number of big questions get answered, but a lot of the weird questions do not (you’ll need to read the story to understand). But I didn’t mind the unanswered questions because i was just proud of myself for finishing: like I mentioned earlier, it was a struggle for me to keep reading.

Comparison to Rapunzel/ Tangled:

  • Rachel (Rapunzel) has extremely long blonde hair and healing abilities.
  • Wyatt (Flinn) climbs up Rachel’s hair (but he doesn’t rescue her).
  • Rachel lives in a tower.
  • There’s love at first sight and a happily-ever-after.

Since this story contains a girl with long hair and healing powers living in a tower, a guy who climbs up her hair, and fairy tale love, this is a successful fairy tale retelling.


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