Vampire Knight: Fleeting Dreams

Vampire Knight: Fleeting Dreams

Matsuri Hino & Ayuna Fujisaki

Rate: 2.5

I don’t usually review mangas, but I’m going to make an exception because (a) this book isn’t a manga, it’s a collections of sort stories based on a manga; and (b) I didn’t like it. First of all, the stories had a flow and finesse similar to a college paper on a subject the writer doesn’t care about. The flow of the story was stop and go with events being all over the place. I could tell that the writer wasn’t used to writing in novel form and could imagine the story being better if it was formatted like a graphic novel. The writing gets better as the book progresses, but it still isn’t good, or at least the level I’m used to. My second problem with this collection is that the scenes covered by the book are so trivial. I’m used to additional short stories provided extra detail or significance to the story, but these stories don’t do that. The author simply takes creative liberty with the story and creates scenes that do nothing for the main series and leaves you questioning where these ideas came from. For example, one of the short stories is from the perspective of White Lily, a horse, and while it does explain why White Lily is so nice to Zero, the perspective is too strange. The author had the opportunity to write about anything and she did just that. Finally, the order of the short stories is from version parts of the series, but the last short story occurs either during or at the end of the last book. At the time of reading this collection, I hadn’t read the last book yet so it kind of spoiled some of the book for me. It’s not a very large spoiler, unless you’re nowhere near the end of the series, but it was annoying nonetheless.


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