Wicked – Addison Moore

Wicked (Celestra # 4)

Addison Moore

Rate: 2

Character I like the most: As of this book, the character I like the most is Marshall Dudley. Unlike all the other characters in this series, Marshall is the only character whose intentions are clear: He doesn’t want to be controlled by Counts and he wants Skyla to be his wife. That’s it. He’s neither good nor bad. He doesn’t say one thing and mean another. He’s just himself. Skyla may not like him and she may interpret his clues incorrectly, but Marshall isn’t a pain in the butt like most of the other characters.

Character I like the least: Before I reveal which character I like the least, let me explain why I don’t simply say character that I hate. There’s a difference between liking the least and hating. It’s clear in the story that we’re supposed to hate Chloe, the antagonist. If we didn’t hate her, that would mean that either we aren’t reading the story correctly or we’re siding with the “bad” guy. Though it does seem like Mia is trying to rise through the ranks and become the hated character of the story. Anyway, I only went on this tangent to show that even though I dislike this character, the only reason I’m not saying that I hate her is because I’m supposed to hate someone else and I do utterly despise Chloe. The character I like the least is Skyla. Skyla isn’t the strong female protagonist that I need her to be. She’s reckless, focuses on trivial matters, and has others fighting and killing in the war she’s supposed to be a part of while she imagines killing Chloe. Skyla could be a bit more proactive instead of being so reactive. I’d prefer if she went out and tried to figure out how to make her life better instead of waiting for some guy to come along and fix it for her.I don’t mind if she asks for help as long as she attempts to solve her own “problems” first.

Scene changes: Unlike the three books before it, Wicked has the most abrupt scene changes. Like one minute Skyla would be in the forest and the next she’d be at the Transfer. That the scene has changed is obvious so you’re not confused about where characters are, but you are confused about how they got there. I just wish there were smoother transitions between place A and place B. If Skyla fell through a hole and ended up somewhere else, then why can’t Moore just say that? Don’t have me confused over why Skyla is one place when I remember her being somewhere else a sentence or a paragraph ago.

Plot: What was the point of Wicked? If someone knows, enlighten me. I could follow all the events and Skyla’s complaints, but I couldn’t figure out the point of this book. Usually in a story there is a clear problem and resolution, but in this book, I couldn’t figure it out. I could identify all of Skyla’s “problems”, which are different from the book’s focus, but I couldn’t figure out the book’s purpose. In comparison to the three previous books in the series, Wicked can be seen as fluff because it didn’t seem to contribute to the progression of the series other than to say that Chloe is back and Skyla’s upset by that, which we could have guessed from the last book.

In sum, this book was a disappointment. I was so sure I needed to continue the series, but it let me down. At this point, the only reason I’m continuing with the Celestra series is because I want to know who Skyla winds up with in the end or if she just ends up dead. If this book was good at anything, it was that this series might not end the way it alludes to ending (with Skyla marrying Gage). Then again, I could think a big twist is going to occur and then the series as a whole just disappoints me. I’m not too sure I’m ready to find out which it is.


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