I was gifted a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.


Mari Mancusi

Rate: 4.5

This book was really good. I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did, but after getting my first glimpse into the alternate reality and wondering whether Skye was just dreaming or living out the event, I was hooked. The only reason I didn’t give this book five stars was because when Skye is on “Earth,” the verb tense changes to past, but when she’s on Terra, it’s in the present tense, which bothered me. I understand that Mancusi did it to show when Skye was on Earth versus when she was on Terra, but the change was jarring and seemed awkward. However, if you can get through the few chapters when Skye is on “Earth,” then you’ll enjoy the rest of the story.

One specific thing I liked about the story was Skye’s progression as a character throughout the story. In the beginning, she came across as naive and self-centered, but it’ was hard to fault her since she was dropped into a world she knew nothing about and was taken for someone else. Yet, as the story progressed, Skye became more compassionate not because she came into herself, but because the things she saw on Terra and the people that surround her change how she viewed the world and her attitude. Skye began was a lesser female character and developed into an admirable protagonist.

Another thing I enjoyed about this story was the romance. There was a hint of insta-love, a hint of eternal love, but mostly developed love. The insta-love came from how fast Skye and Dawn fell in love and the eternal love came from the fact that until Dawn accepted Skye for herself, he loved her because she reminded him of Mariah. However, most of the romance came from Skye and Dawn working through trials together and getting to know each other.

Overall, Alternity is a skillfully crafted story and is worth a read because of Skye’s development, the romance, and all the other twists and turns that occur throughout the story. Just waiting for the resolution over the Skye/Mariah debacle and finally understanding whether “Earth” is a place or a thought makes the story interesting.


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