When Reading Gets Hard

The Water Travelers

Daniel Waltz

Rate: 1/DNF

I tried really hard, maybe not my hardest, but really hard to read this book. But it wasn’t working out. And part of it was just me not having the time and patience in my schedule right now to continue. But part of it was the book.

Everyone has a favorite writing style and if you claim you don’t, then you at least have a writing style that you’re used to. You normally don’t notice these preferences until you read a book and either the phrasing of the sentences seem jarring or strange to you (meaning the writing is only slightly different from what you’re used to) or the phrasing irritates you and all you want to do is throw the book (Note: I do not condone the throwing of books). The latter is what happened to me with The Water Travelers. I’m not saying Waltz is a bad writer, I didn’t read long enough to make that kind of judgment, but I just couldn’t handle his writing style. Sadly, I’d rather give up on a book early in the reading process (I only finished 14% of the book) than to force myself to read it and have my subsequent foul mood take a toll on the rating. I don’t enjoy not finishing a book, but I prefer to give it the respect that it deserves.

The only thing I can say about the book itself and not how it’s written is that I could tell, from about the point that I stopped reading, that I wasn’t going to like the romance in this story, especially coming off a book as great as Red Queen. The problem is Madalyne and Aaron fall in insta-love. There are moments when I don’t mind insta-love, like fairy tales, and then there are moments when it’s completely ridiculous and so unnecessary that it upsets. I mean I lost all respect for Madalyne when <Spoiler> she let a stranger (Aaron) into her bedroom after noticing him sitting on a tree branch staring into her bedroom. <Spoiler> All because of insta-love. I mean any rational person would have called the police, but I guess love makes people stupid.

Overall, I’m not the right person to turn to when deciding whether or not to read this book. Other people who have reviewed this book on Goodreads loved this book, but I just couldn’t get past the author’s writing style to finish it.

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