A Little Something Different – Sandy Hall

A Little Something Different

Sandy Hall

Rate: 4

A Little Something Different is a cute and silly YA romance novel. It’s not to be taken seriously. Or at least, Sandy Hall wasn’t trying to be serious. As the summary states, the story is told from fourteen (14) perspectives none of which are the central couple and some of which are a squirrel… and a bench. This is part of the silliness because not only do benches and squirrels not care about couples (in the real world), but rarely do these other characters (again in the real world) ever actually take notice of a particular couple. This story is sort of like a teen couple wondering if the people around them are watching them and the answer being yes, when normally it feels like people are watching us, but they’re not, because they don’t care.

The story is cute because I got to see, through the eyes of others, Lea and Gabe flounder around each other and act super awkward because they have a crush on each other, but don’t know how to act on it. It shows the true progression of a teen romance from first impression to awkward crush to relationship. It’s the type of progression that most people can identify with because most of us have been there, even if the crush didn’t reach the relationship level.

A Little Something Different is a great read if you’re looking for a quick, fluffy read between larger, more serious books. Parts of it will seem ridiculous, but it’s good for a more relaxing read.


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