My Delicate Destruction

My Delicate Destruction (Wolfgang #1)

Jillian Ashe

Rate: 3

My Delicate Destruction is more of a teaser than it is a story. Ashe does a nice job of establishing Kat’s life and showing its change from simple to complex. It was a good foundation. But to me it felt like when the story finally began is when the book ended. For me, the drama didn’t kick in until years later when Kat awoke and had to figure out how to adjust to the new world, but for Ashe, that was the end of the book. I can only assume that Ashe meant for the story to read that the drama was Kat getting sick, the climax was Kat deciding to go through with the experimental procedure, and the cliffhanger was her finding out how long she’s been asleep and what’s happened to her family in the meantime. However, that’s not how I read the story. These two ways of reading don’t change how interesting the story is. It just means that where Ashe thinks she’s ended the book in a way that has the reader reaching for the next one is where I think she’s ended the book mid-thought.This made me rate the book lower, but the story isn’t uninteresting.

Just a brief comment on the genre. I began reading My Delicate Destruction thinking it was a YA novel, but it’s more of a New Adult novel. I mean the book starts off with a scene familiar to that of a Fast and Furious movie and the characters don’t come across as teenagers at all. I think there’s even a part where Kat explains that she’s either in college or right out of college. I only mention this because, while there are no explicit grown up scenes, the book isn’t completely relatable for teens and doesn’t come off as YA.


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