A Second for Myself Means a Post for You (Mortal Instrument News)

So this crumb of news isn’t too old, it was reported yesterday and I found out yesterday, but the fact that I haven’t been able to blog about it until now proves that school has me too busy. School may be my 9-5 (I’m there longer than that but that’s irrelevant), but I need time to blog too. Let me stop whining and tell you what I found out, if you don’t already know. The Shadowhunters TV series (The Mortal Instruments) now has a network, ABC Family. Also, production for the series will start in May (in Toronto so if you catch any of the action, link me to it please) and the production company, Constantin Film, intends to make the show 13 episodes long (but I’m not holding my breath ’cause I’ve seen shows pulled after the first or second episode).

This news may not be the big reveal that we were all hoping for (all we really want to know is who’s going to be in it), but at least this is a sign that the idea hasn’t died and eventually we’ll see The Mortal Instruments on TV.


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