The Wizard Returns

The Wizard Returns (Dorothy Must Die #0.3)

Danielle Paige

Rate: 3

If Danielle Paige was trying to get me to hate the Wizard, then she did a great job. I was eager to find out what had happened to Wizard after he had “left” and subsequently “returned” later in the story, but I wasn’t expecting all of this. The Wizard is selfish, manipulative, and slightly misogynistic. I immediately didn’t like him and he had amnesia for crying out loud! Like you must be a terrible person and have a terrible personality if even when you can’t remember who you are, you still hurt people as if you were your old self. But I kept reading because I had high hopes for the Wizard. I thought Paige was going to spin the story around and make it a sort of coming-of-age novella. But no such luck. The Wizard actually ends up worse in the end when he gets his memories back. In the end, he’s selfish, manipulative, misogynistic, and deceptive. He claims to be staying in Oz to help them get rid of Dorothy, but really he’s an evil male Dorothy in the making.

Another thing I disliked about this story was how everyone claimed that Oz was a beautiful, peaceful place before people from the Other Place arrived yet if the fairies are any indication, Oz has always been corrupted. It’s like these people, these Ozians, are living in this self-proclaimed utopia, but now that cracks are starting to form they are being forced to recognize it as the corrupt dystopia it really is. The people (and creatures and things) of Oz claim that it’s the people from the Other Place that are destroying Oz so why are they depending on these people to also save Oz. Pete said it himself that the Old Magic changes people as they transition from the Other Place to Oz so will the Wizard really be the key to saving Oz from Dorothy? Will Amy? To me, it seems like the true problem is Old Magic. It seems like the Magic is corrupt so it’s making everyone and everything corrupt. Let’s not blame the Other People for the structural fault of Oz.

So yeah, that story upset me. But at least I know to expect more drama and more corruptness before any “solution” is found. *sigh*


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