And the Actor Playing Jace in the Upcoming Mortal Instruments TV Series Is…

Dominic Sherwood. According to, Dominic Sherwood has taken on the role of playing Jace in Shadowhunters, the TV series remake of The Mortal Instruments movie.

It’s clear from the wording of the article that Crystal Bell, the author of the article, finds Sherwood fitting and hot enough to play the role of Jace, but I’m not impressed. Bell cites Sherwood’s role in Vampire Academy as a sort of proof of his worthiness, but not only do I not remember him from the movie, but also that movie was so horrendous that I cringe at the thought of what might happen to Shadowhunters. Not because of Sherwood’s acting, which I can’t comment on, but if were picking from the same general pool of actors and there’s no guarantee that the books will receive their justice this time around, is it safe to assume that Shadowhunters will also be a disappointment?

If we’re talking looks alone, Sherwood is not the person I want as Jace. This is who I want as Jace:

Yes, the movie original.


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