[Think Aloud] – #13 – Love Triangles Are Not Actually Triangles

An amazing post on the rarity of actual love triangles, but the overuse of the term love triangle. I admit that I’ve used the term love triangle/quadrangle/polygon when I’m simply trying to convey the message that one person has obtained the interest of multiple suitors. Now I want to read a book that actually executes a love triangle and not a Love-V.

thoughts and afterthoughts.

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Table Topic:
Love Triangles
Are Not Actually Triangles


Modern love triangles should not be confused with Love-V’s.

(Disclaimer: I’m ignoring the likely origin of love triangles referencing A likes B, B likes C, and C likes A for the point to be made. The word triangle is used more a dozen+ times. I apologize if you end up hating triangles.)

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