Accordance – Shelly Crane

Accordance (Significance #2)

Shelly Crane

Rate: 3.5

Grammar: For the most part the grammar in Accordance is fine, but it’s the few grouped errors that have led me to talk about it. The problem is that Crane would go chapters with good grammar and no errors, but then there’d be a chapter riddled with errors, a few more good chapters and then a chapter filled with errors. It’s as if whoever was editing Accordance wasn’t reading every chapter or wasn’t reading each chapter carefully so errors came through. While I prefer having no errors in the books I read, I don’t mind a few because I have to account for human error, but when there’s a pattern to the errors, then I have a problem.

Caleb:  Excuse me while I fangirl for a moment, but Caleb is amazing. *Insert dreamy sigh here* He’s always there for Maggie: helping her, protecting her, and making sure she’s happy. He’s perfect; he’s the one. (Shout into the void: Caleb, I love you! *Silence* It’s ok I still love you!) Aside from being my favorite book boyfriend at the moment (Sorry Daemon. Sorry Four. Sorry Kaidan), Caleb totally won me over in this book when he acknowledged any annoying habit that Maggie developed, a habit that had me yelling at the book a number of times. Caleb totally called Maggie out on her empty apologizes because of things she had no control over and things she couldn’t fix. I hate it when people say “I’m sorry” for things they have no control over and things that they can’t fix. If you’re apologizing, then you better have made an actual mistake and be attempting to correct it. Like, don’t apologize for the rain when you’re not the reason it’s raining and you can’t stop the rain. (This isn’t an example from the book, but I think it gets my point across.) I love that Caleb basically told Maggie to cut it out every time she went to needlessly apologize. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one getting annoyed.

Maggie: For the most part, Maggie comes across as whiny, but I tried to cut her slack and just see her as human. I mean if I had to deal with deathly visions and saving a race of supernatural beings while trying to maintain a normal life, I’d be a little whiny and complain-y too. This doesn’t make the story easier to read, but it helps if I come off of my high horse every once in a while and think about how I would deal (or not deal) if I was in that character’s shoes.

Pacing of the series: You can’t really tell from only reading, but this story, mainly Caleb and Maggie’s relationship, is moving WAY TOO FAST. Caleb and Maggie have only been together for a few weeks yet they’ve already been through a hell of a lot and now they’re engaged. This is beginning to sound like a celebrity couple that everyone knows from the beginning is doomed to fail. I don’t care that Caleb and Maggie are imprinted and I don’t care how strong the imprint may be, this can’t be healthy. They barely know each other; they shouldn’t be getting married. Proof that things are moving too fast: Maggie didn’t know Caleb’s middle name until Gran said it in her presence -she never thought to ask- and Caleb only knew Maggie’s middle name because he went digging around in her head and found out. A healthy couple is based on communication yet there’s a lack of substantial conversation between Caleb and Maggie. Plus, many of their conversations happen in their mind which takes away from the experience of asking questions, receiving answers, and any (awkward) pauses they make occur between questions or topics. I just think the series needs to slow down a bit and Caleb and Maggie need to get to know each other more.

End of the Love-V: So Crane ended the Love-V between Maggie, Caleb, Kyle in Twilight fashion. (Stephenie Meyer ended the Love-V between Bella, Jacob, and Edward by having Jacob imprint on Renesme.) Crane did something similar by having Kyle imprint on a new character (luckily not Caleb and Maggie’s daughter). While I like the Crane ended the Love-V, it was beginning to feel forced and was very awkward, I don’t like that it took tying Kyle to someone else for it to happen. Why couldn’t Kyle just get over Maggie? Why couldn’t he just realize that Maggie wasn’t the one for him and he wasn’t the one for her? Why all this hoopla? Nonetheless, at least the Love-V wasn’t dragged out throughout the series.

Bish and Jen: At the end of Significance, Crane alluded that there may be something going on between Bish and Jen and I always questioned why she didn’t have the touch, even when Caleb and Maggie weren’t blocking them, and finally I got an answer. I figured that Bish and Jen were imprints-to-be and one of Maggie’s visions confirms it, but the vision also explains why the two haven’t imprinted. Maggie’s vision gave me a greater respect for Jen. All Jen has ever wanted was to fall in love and not be alone yet when love is within her grasp she chooses her daughter and being a good mother over a man, over an imprint. The vision and Jen’s response to the vision has led me to love her and I hope she gets her happy ending by the end of the series whether or not it comes from imprinting.

So far the Significance series has been an emotional roller coaster and I can’t wait to get and read the next book.


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