More Shadowhunters News, But Now I’m Disappointed

It was announced today that Matthew Daddario has been cast to play Alec Lightwood. Daddario isn’t ugly or anything and I can’t comment on his acting skills since I don’t think I’ve seen him on TV or in a movie. My problem is the picture that was posted of Daddario for the announcement. He just doesn’t seem wounded enough or emo enough. I wanted an Alec whose face clearly shows his conflicting emotions and the internal struggle he’s going through. This picture of Daddario doesn’t show him happy, but it makes it difficult for me to imagine his face being a mask of determination while his eyes convene his sorrow. I just need a better picture.

Additionally, it was also announced that Isaiah Mustafa will be playing Luke Garroway. Again my only problem is of the picture posted. Mustafa’s picture seems like once he gets in the role, he’ll be a great Luke. I just need him to be animalistic like Liev Schreiber playing Victor in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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