Shadowhunters Casting News: Magnus Bane

So I’m a little late in announcing this casting news, but I was busy with finals week. Please forgive me. However, with this announcement I finally know the actors playing the roles I care about (I’ll go over the list at the end of this post). The actor playing Magnus Bane will be Harry Shum Jr. I can’t think of a better choice. Now I haven’t seen Shum act (Yes, I don’t/didn’t watch Glee), but he looks so much like the Magnus I envisioned. Now I just need them to photoshop some cat eyes on him and I’ll be all set. And I need Shum holding a Chairman Meow! This announcement has me so excited!

Previous casting news includes (links take you my posts about it):


5 thoughts on “Shadowhunters Casting News: Magnus Bane

  1. I didn’t realise they were planning a tv series!
    I was so disappointed when the film series didn’t do well enough to continue 😦
    I think, as always with these films, they get altered too much from the book and alienate the fans that the books already had.

    • At least you know now! 🙂
      It’s difficult to recreate the wonderfulness of a book into a movie that’s less than 3 hours long. Though I thought, and still partially think, that the movie was better than the book, but that’s only because I saw the movie before reading the series and wanted the book to follow the movie lol. I probably would have been disappointed if the second book was adapted like the first one.

      • Yeah I did actually enjoy the film! The book was a bit more shocking at the end because they gave away the twist in the film (i won’t be specific incase anyone hasn’t read it!)

      • The Jace-Clary twist, right?
        The movie did spoil a few big things, but since the movie couldn’t fit everything, I enjoyed more the little scenes that didn’t make the cut.

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