The Wicked Will Rise… But This Book Will Fail To Meet Expectations

The Wicked Will Rise (Dorothy Must Die #2)

Danielle Paige

Rate: 2.5

I’m borderline offended that I’ve waited this long for the second installment of Dorothy Must Die and read all the novellas published to date and Danielle Paige publishes this garbage. I’m not normally one to say such rude and harsh things about a book, even books that I rate a 1-star or don’t finish are for what I consider to be legitimate reasons and I don’t say harsh things about them, but The Wicked Will Rise was truly a test of my patience and my perseverance. I wouldn’t be surprised if people couldn’t finish this book, but it’s more likely that people will love this book and I’ll be sitting on the sidelines questioning whether we read the same story.

Chapters 1-13 (including 13): Who the well wrote this part of the book? It can’t be the same person who wrote Dorothy Must Die, the writing style is completely different. I can’t think of any other way to describe the writing of the first book other than normal and relatable. But these chapters, oh these chapters, are something differently. When reading it, all I could think about is that the story sounds like it’s being told by someone’s grandma who has a list of popular slang that she’s trying to incorporate into the book, but also unintentionally incorporates the slang of her golden years. I mean one character actually calls another toots. At that point – probably even before that – I was ready to give up on this book. Besides the voice being completely off, the writing style didn’t fit Oz. It’s not like Oz has cable or WiFi or Netflix or our radio stations so why are its inhabitants talking like us? Sure, there may be three people from the Other Place (Kansas) in their mix, but that’s not enough to incite a mass change of linguistic nature. Did Paige forget what world she was in? Did she forget that this world has already been established by the original book and movie and by her first story Dorothy Must Die? She just can’t make the story Oz is just like Kansas after all this time of Oz being completely different from Kansas.

Chapter 14 to end: If you make it to chapter 14, congratulations. Your reward? A writing style that sounds normal and fits the context of the story. Chapter 14 is sort of like the true start of the book: things are actually happening and reading it doesn’t feel like pulling teeth. (More explanation of this in the next point.)

Plot: Why is this book so long? There are only two important scenes throughout the whole book and they come at the latter half and end of the story. The whole beginning of the book is Amy walking around and having meaningless conversations with characters (meaningless as in they don’t contribute to the progression of the overall story). Besides walking around, Paige also fills the word count by forcibly inserting meaningless tidbits about Amy’s Kansas life to make her seem more well-rounded and three-dimensional. Sorry Paige but you failed. Amy still feels as flat as the pages I was turning.

Oz: Paige tries to explain why people from Kansas are the only ones to enter Oz and of course it has more to do with multidimensional universe theory than it does magic. There’s some magic in there, but just to spice things up, mainly it’s about two dimensions that are similar in overall physical structure being close together. I had figured it was something close to that after <Spoiler> Amy found some of her stuff on the Island of Lost Things. She wouldn’t have found any of her stuff there if there hadn’t been a physical connection between Oz and Kansas, sort of like the Bikini Bottom Triangle on Spongebob Squarepants<End Of Spoiler> While I commend Paige for trying to explain the connection between the two worlds, I would have preferred something a little more imaginative.

If you decide you’re going to read this book, I recommend that either you borrow it from your local library or share the cost with a friend/fellow reader because if you don’t like it, it’ll feel like a waste of money, money you could have used for other books. On another note, I’m not sure if I’m going to continue this series. There was a twist (more like a turn) at the end that I’d like to see the solution of, but this series seems like it’s going downhill quickly and Paige won’t stop publishing novellas so I’m not even sure if it’s worth the time. I have the next novella that will be published on my TBR, but who knows if I’ll actually read it after this book.


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