Half Bad… The Title Perfectly Explains This Book

Half Bad (Half Bad Trilogy #1)

Sally Green

Rate: 2.5

Half Bad actually isn’t half bad, if you stop expecting it to turn into some suspenseful, thrilling story. If you take Half Bad as it is and just allow Nathan to tell you the story, then you’ll enjoy it. But if you keep asking yourself “when will this story begin?” or “where is all the action?”, you won’t like Half Bad. The story is more like a stroll down memory lane where Nathan tells of all the events, since childhood, that have shaped the outcome of his life. The story can be dull at times and is long-winded, but what Green does perfectly is appeal to the reader’s emotions and allows the reader to come to his/her conclusion about a character. Nathan does not outright say that someone is evil or a hypocrite, but instead details interactions with a character and we the reader come to see that character as evil, hypocritic, etc. This way of telling the story ultimately leads me to feel bad (borderline pity) for Nathan. Nathan doesn’t ask for pity or sympathy, but it’s hard not to give it when people treat him badly because of his genetics, which he can’t control. Even though Nathan is supposed to be “bad,” he comes across as good while the “good” come across as bad.

Overall, I recommend trying this book. Maybe you’ll like it maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll finish or maybe the writing style will bore you to tears, but it’s worth giving a shot. I don’t feel like it was a waste of time, but I definitely had to give up my expectations to enjoy the story.


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