Defiance by Shelly Crane: I Just Can’t Get Enough

Defiance (Significance #3)

Shelly Crane

Rate: 5

I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to Maggie and Caleb’s relationship. Every time I think they can’t get any cuter or more perfect, Caleb and Maggie do something that surprises me and raises the relationship bar. The way that they tackled everything thrown at them during the reunification was amazing. Defiance was so good I’m not too surprised that it has over 10,000 5-star ratings. Since the main reason I loved Defiance was Caleb and Maggie’s relationship’s stability, I’m going to (attempt to) explain why I enjoyed their relationship so much when I’m normally not a fan of romance.

 Two (2) Reasons Why Caleb and Maggie are OTP

  1. They are as sweet as *insert favorite dessert, I’m going to go with chocolate chip cookies.* Caleb and Maggie, especially Caleb, say the sweetest things to each other. They are like the definition of romantic. Not only do they confess their love in profound ways, but they also know how to verbalize their admiration for the other person’s strengths. For example, Caleb isn’t shy about telling Maggie how amazing she is when she uses her powers to get them out of tough situations or explain things to people. Besides being sweet in their verbal interactions, Caleb and Maggie are also sweet in their physical interactions. Even though Caleb and Maggie have to touch often because of the significance bond, they aren’t always groping each other, which is different from how most teens are described in YA nowadays. For every bit of sexiness Daemon and Katy show in the Lux series, Caleb and Maggie show sweetness and cuteness in the Significance series. (If you haven’t read the Lux series, it is also an awesome series and you should give it a try.)
  2. They have a healthy relationship. When Crane first described the significance bond, I expected Caleb and Maggie’s relationship to flow like Edward and Bella’s from Twilight. I was afraid that the story would suck because Caleb and Maggie were so dependent upon each other. But that didn’t happen. Sure there are parts that are a bit annoying because they have to touch often and their significant becomes their top priority clouding their judgment. But for the most part, especially as they settle into their relationship, Caleb and Maggie’s relationship becomes healthier because not only can they go a little longer without touching, but also they allow the other person to be independent and be his/herself. Another healthy part of Caleb and Maggie’s relationship is that they both have their moments of vulnerability where they can turn to their partner for comfort. In most book relationships, the man has to be strong and the woman can break down whenever she pleases and turn to her partner for comfort. However, in Defiance, Maggie is there for Caleb and he can cry into her shoulder without her telling him to “man up.” I just like that Caleb and Maggie can turn to each other without Caleb having to be the strong one 24/7.

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