Independence by Shelly Crane

Independence (Significance #4)

Shelly Crane

Rate: 4.8

If you don’t understand why I love this book/series, then you either: A. haven’t read the books; B. haven’t read my other reviews for this series; or C. both. In Independence, Caleb and Maggie continue to be the perfect couple while facing a shit-ton of problems and they continue to strike the right balance between being dependent and being independent while facing these problems. Since my love for this book should be a bit evident, I’m just going to touch on the two things that caused me to downrate this book 0.2 stars.

Maggie’s relationship with Becky: Ever since Maggie became Caleb’s significant, her relationship with Becky has been put on the back burner.  We’ve seen Becky a few times throughout the series, but each time Maggie focuses on keeping her power is a secret from Becky instead of being a friend to her. This has taken a toll on their relationship which is most evident in Independence. What bothered me most was that at the end of the book, Maggie and Becky try to reconcile their relationship after Becky said some hurtful things earlier on, but Becky never gets around to actually apologizing. Becky just assumes that Maggie will understand what she’s trying to say and forgive her anyway. I don’t understand how Maggie could forgive Becky without hearing the words “I’m sorry.” Maybe I’m just being petty, but I couldn’t forgive someone who couldn’t bring themselves to say I’m sorry.  The whole scene just seemed too easy. I’m not saying that Maggie should have given up her friendship with Becky, but she could have at least forced Becky, or implored her, to say sorry and fully understand what she said was wrong. How can a friendship last if each person isn’t willing to own up to his/her mistakes?

The outcome for other clans: In Accordance, Maggie has a vision that tells her why the imprints have stopped and what the clans have to do to bring them back. She is supposed to reveal her findings at the reunification, but she never gets around to it. The whole time Maggie focuses on her war with the Watson’s and trying to change the traditions of the Virtuoso. In the end, everyone lives happily ever after but I don’t see how that’s possible. Sure Maggie gets rid of the rotten apples (the Watson’s), but she doesn’t fix any of the other bad clans or clan members. Crane makes it seem that the imprints stopped only because of the Watson’s, but that’s not how the vision made it seem. I would have preferred a little more insight on how the other clans fixed themselves before the imprints started coming back. Again things just seemed too easy.

Overall, Independence was just as great as the other books. This series is definitely worth the read.

Side Note: So I started reading Independence as soon as I finished reading Defiance. There were a few seconds when I contemplated reading Reverence first, but I needed to know what happened next immediately so I decided to read Reverence afterward. Best decision ever. I finished Independence in a matter of hours (I even stood up late!) and read Reverence the next morning. My review for Reverence will be up a bit after this one.


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