Shadowhunters Casting News: Camille Belcourt

So I’ve been putting off writing this post for a couple hours. For once, Shadowhunters has revealed the casting of a character and I’m completely indifferent. I’ve been happy, weary, and even disappointed when it came to casting news, but never indifferent. I just don’t see the casting of Camille as significant because she didn’t become relevant until later in the series and even then she was barely a blimp on my radar. Yeah, Camille messed some stuff up and was an added stressor for Clary, but she didn’t seem important to me. Anyway, the person cast to play Camille is Kaitlyn Leeb. Unsurprisingly, Leeb is hot like the rest of the cast. I wonder if Shadowhunters is going to give me self-esteem issues. #wheresthenaturalbeauty #Icantrelatebecauseimnotthathot


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