A Must Read for All Readers: Book Hangovers

If you’re an avid reader like me or even just a moderate reader, chances are you’ve experienced the dreaded Book Hangover, which is not to be confused with a Reading Slump. Sadly, I’m currently in a book hangover from the Significance series. Technically, there is one more novella that covers the main characters, Caleb and Maggie, before the series focuses on other characters.

Anyway, the point of this post is to provide you with a link to an article Epic Reads wrote about the symptoms of a book hangover. Currently, there is no cure for a book hangover, but you can try to less the intensity of the symptoms by either finding a new book or series to love, though this is likely to lead to another book hangover, or immerse yourself in book adaptations. Right now, I’m doing the latter. I’m catching up Pretty Little Liars on Netflix and every once in a while I stop watching that to watch The Hunger Games or Divergent or some other YA movie.

Book hangovers are serious and can be debilitating depending on the intensity. If you find yourself in a book hangover and can’t get over it yourself, find a friend or fellow book nerd to help you through your symptoms. This sickness doesn’t have to last forever.


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