The Pretty App By Katie Sise

The Pretty App (App #2)

Katie Sise

Rate: 1.75 (Part 1 = 1; Part 2 = 2.5)

Another disappointment by Katie Sise.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you should read my review of The Boyfriend App.  The difference is The Pretty App follows Blake, Audrey’s ex-best friend.  Similar to how the first book focuses on romance, his second book centers on physical beauty.  However, the second book is much worse since it focuses on such a shallow topic.  The whole book seems like Blake is throwing a pity party for herself and I’m interested in attending.  Towards the end, Blake tries to become a well-rounded person, but majority of the time it seems like she’s pretending. Plus, it was difficult making it that far in the book.

Part One: In the first part of the book, Blake engages in mean-girl-like activities and tries to justify them by saying that she didn’t really want to say or do those things, but she wanted to be popular and powerful. It infuriated me. I hate bullies and for Blake to try to excuse her and her friends’ behavior so she could follow in her sister’s footsteps was disgusting. Blake went back and forth between bullying people and lamenting that the only thing she had going for her was her parents’ wealth and her physical beauty. Blake made me sick, but I kept reading because I wanted to see want happened with the pretty app and the contest.

Part Two: Part two was a bit better because, after some false starts, Blake develops as a character by trying to do the right thing. She helps her fellow contestants and repairs her relationship with Audrey and her sister Nicole. The second part wasn’t too interesting and the romance was a duplicate of a scene from a soap opera, but it was definitely better than the first part.

If you’re considering reading this book, skip it. It’s based on a shallow topic and does nothing to discuss that beauty comes from within.


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