Glass Sword Cover!

The cover for Glass Sword, the sequel to Red Queen, has been added on Goodreads and it’s so pretty.

I like that, similar to the cover of Red Queen, the crown on Glass Sword is dripping blood (red and silver blood!). However, I’m confused about why the cover has a crown instead of a sword. I just need a little connection between the title and the image; the image clearly connects the two books. Anywho, it’s a pretty cover 😀 and February 9th is really far away :(.


One thought on “Glass Sword Cover!

  1. I’ve only just realised it has silver blood as well thanks to reading this! Haha 🙂 I agree it is a bit strange to not be a sword or at least include a sword :/ and I think it’s a bit too similar to the first cover but still beautiful :’)

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