Breaking the Storm By Sedona Venez

Breaking the Storm (Credence Curse #1)

Sedona Venez

Rate: 2.85

I received this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

What I Liked

  • The ending/cliffhanger: Throughout the story, there were little hints that the Credence Curse may not be real. Honestly, I was more intrigued by this subplot than the whole story. I wish Venez would have worked more on this subplot than on the romance between Storm and Knox. Anywho, what I enjoyed about the ending/ cliffhanger is that in a showdown between Storm and Stalker Luke, Venez began to reveal more details, details I had been craving the whole story, about how the curse may be fake and that Luke’s bloodline may have been stalking the Credence family for decades and killing all of their mates. Doesn’t that just sound super interesting? That’s the story I wanted to read. However, before too many juicy tidbits can be revealed, Knox rushes in and beats Luke to a pulp. Storm gets Knox to stop before he kills Luke, but while they are talking/arguing Luke disappears and the story ends. Why Venez? Why did you have to make the end so good? Anyway, since I needed to know what happened next, I bought the next book and gobbled it quickly, but it’s getting a review of its own so stay tuned.

What I Didn’t Like

  • All the sex talk and activities: I’m not a prude and I don’t flinch when I hear curse words or sex talk, but the reason I rated this book so low is because the quality of the plot took a backseat so that all the sexual content could shine. In Breaking the Storm, if characters aren’t talking about sex, then they’re having sex. There’s very little of this that doesn’t contain some reference to sex. Luckily, the story isn’t sexually explicit, at least for my standard, so if you’re reading it during a commute, you won’t feel (super) embarrassed. I just didn’t like how the talk of sex seemed to overshadow the plot and what was going on. Unless the story is about Storm finally getting laid in which case you should totally ignore everything I’ve just said because obviously I don’t know anything.

Overall, the story was okay. I preferred the subplot about the Credence Curse more than the actual story, but obviously Venez writes a good tale when I just had to buy the next book and I finished that one just as fast as this one.


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